WTF this is really scary…

Nog maar eens een zelftest, ontdekt via.  Als je er doorheen deze test gaat, vraag je je echt af wat voor zinnigs hier uit kan komen:

Hypnoid associatie van vormen, kleuren en emoties. Zelftest.

The Pierley/Redford Dissociative Affect Diagnostic is “an exploration of your brain’s affective response system. Nonverbal, emotional reactions to shape tableaus will target the portion of your brain that is intuitive and pre-lingual. The associated question should be answered without tying these shapes to any narrative or storyline. These shapes are based on neural linkage maps from the brains of reptiles and primitive mammals, ancestors to mankind. Associated questions have been culled from the communication methodologies of those with dissociative personality disorder in order to probe the link between emotional understanding and language.”

Mijn resultaten:

Thoughtful to the extreme, you are often obsessed with perfection and the rules governing your own personal interests. Your world is black and white. You love to work within a logical system, such as language, computer programming, or mathematics. Manipulating a system that can be completely understood is a distinct pleasure to you, because of your confidence in the underlying veracity of your belief system. Because of your appreciation for logic and order, those who speak or think in a sloppy manner are apt to generate more than their share of wrath. Although very amiable, you are not drawn to friendships out of a sense of personal need. You are just as happy by yourself with a good book or puzzle. Because you are so involved with thought, you will on occasion have difficulty dealing with the day-to-day problems of a normal life. Taking out the trash, doing the dishes, these are often left until the last possible moment, if at all.

Beangstigend bonk erop…  Was dat nu zuiver toeval of hebben jullie dezelfde ervaring?

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4 reacties op WTF this is really scary…

  1. gw zegt:

    Bizarre test indeed! Mijn uitslag, en net als bij een horoscoop herken ik minstens de helft 😉

    You are in a perpetual quest to find the new, the exciting. Emotionally volatile, you are known for sudden changes of opinion, of appreciation, and behavior. Following rules and established methods is difficult for you and the difficulties of higher education are usually quite daunting. Knowledge is best gained through an intimate association with the matter at hand. Usually driven by attitudes and desires of the group, you are talented in an established field of endeavor. Emotions come and go without a strong understanding of their causes. They are unexpected guests in an otherwise placid landscape. You live by your own codes of conduct, which can be noble or terrible depending on the individual. Authority is meaningless to you. You hate to be predictable, at all costs. Rarely verbally effusive, you can at times feel as if your feelings are too deep for words. You are very observant, but rarely express these observations to others.

  2. hidh zegt:

    Nou, kwetet niet. Dat van het negeren van regels en grenzen klopt, maar de beoordeling of ik “tend to verbalize so seldom” zal ik maar aan P over laten… Denk dat GW gelijk heeft dat het net zo werkt als een horoscoop.

    “Handy in the real world manipulation of objects and events, you are easily enthused by practical projects. You often ignore or conveniently forget rules and boundaries that limit your freedom. This need for freedom extends even to the personal sphere and though you are kind and gentle, you will often be hard to pin down to a monogamous lifestyle. Because you tend to verbalize so seldom, you can be seen as phlegmatic or impassive. In moments of high tension you can often surprise those around you with a lighthearted or humorous remark. Because of your facility with the physical world, you are often engaged in sports that require dexterity, such as motorcycling or hang gliding. You will rarely have time for flights of fancy or unproductive discussion. Constraints on your freedom will be regarded as a personal attack.”

  3. Pieterr zegt:

    OK, OK, de kans is groot dat dit een random tekstgenerator is…

    De maker heeft een gelijkaardige test (nog meer hoofdpijnbezorgend) op

    Mijn uitslag daar:

    “This client longs for an escape from loneliness, or else the fear of loneliness, that comes from an unsatisfying relationship. Desires contentment and simplicity and so will often remain in a romantic relationship long past the time at which it has proven satifying. Separation anxiety is often high. Best method of entry is to appeal to fear.

    This client has a very strong need for a supporting romantic social bond and if this is not currently being met then there will be great amounts of stress. A desire for appreciation is paramount and when this is not being met, such a client will act out or behave in a manner unlike his or her normal demeanor.”

  4. Pieterr zegt:

    (Ik vermoed dat de test gebaseerd is op het onderscheid tussen reageren op kleuren of vormen…)

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