Griezelen op zondag

“Chronicle about experiments of Vladimir Demikhov, a Soviet scientist who made the first transplantation of a dog’s heart in 1952. The experiment, aimed at finding ways of replacing portions of the human body lost through injury or disease, was pronounced Russia’s “most successful”.

In 1946 Demikhov replaced the whole heart-lungs complex of a dog without using the apparatus of artificial circulation of blood. In 1954 he conducted a revolutionary experiment, when created a two-headed dog by grafting a puppy’s head to a full-grown pooch. Then scientists even observed the process of rejuvenation of the elder dog. Shown are the two dogs before the operation, Demikhov performing operations, the puppy’s head lapping up water, demonstration of the dog on a scientists’ conference…”

Via via.

Meer van dat: “Soviet scientists killing and reviving various dogs“(19′), met o.a. een “levend” hondehoofd geïsoleerd van het lichaam:

Brukhonenko’s severed dog head became the talk of Europe and inspired the playwright George Bernard Shaw to muse, “I am even tempted to have my own head cut off so that I can continue to dictate plays and books without being bothered by illness, without having to dress and undress, without having to eat, without having anything else to do other than to produce masterpieces of dramatic art and literature.”

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