Egoboost voor H!

Volgend mailtje in de box vandaag:


I have contacted you because I identified your website as one we would very
much like to promote natural herbal products like: men and women sexual
health, weight loss, general health, anti smoking and many other products
with. The organisation behind these natural products is fully licensed and
rated by consumers as highly credible. We are a leading media firm
representing top brands in Europe and not only promoting companies and
products on all continents.

It seems that your Alexa ranking and link popularity is likely to qualify
you for the top affiliate program rates offered, 20% to 40% (percentage of
the total order that the customer placed) depending on the products that
you want to promote. A customer is considered yours for life once you refer
them through a banner, website or unique tracking URL and they buy

Also if you start using our banners and other creative marketing material
within 10 days of receiving your sign up confirmation email we shall give
you an extra 2% on your affiliate commission rates. This rate would give
you one of the highest commissions available in the industry.

If you are interested in knowing more detail please reply and I shall send
this over. Are you reachable by telephone to discuss this further?

Looking forward to your response,

Affiliate Marketing Team


Telephone: +X XXX XXX XXX


Leuk! Maar, helaas pindakaas, bij nader inzien bleek het gericht aan het support mailadres(*) dat ik had opgegeven, niet voor deze blog van ons huishouden, niet voor mijn eigen “serieuze” blog, maar voor H zijn serieuze blog! Hmm, effe zien of hij zich door het grote geld zal laten verleiden…
* Dat support mailadres staat dus inderdaad te kijk bij de traffic rankings op Alexa… mailadressen voor .org, .info, .net en .com domeinen waren en zijn nog altijd heel slecht afgeschermd en makkelijk te verzamelen op een automatische manier…

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